Makedonian Shipyards are located in Thessaloniki near the airport, with fast and easy access from the airport or the city center and only 20 minutes away from the port of Thessaloniki.

In our facilities you will find equipment even for the most demanding projects and our highly trained staff can respond to any task like mechanical works, electrical repairs and installations, maintenance, cleaning, etc.

In our premises you will find modern fully equipped offices, an accounting office, hospitality buildings, boarding rooms, internet and anything you might need during your boats stay in our shipyard.

Makedonian Shipyards (Vasilakis Theogenis) was founded in 1993 originally under the name Makedonian Shipyards Ltd. The firm started out with four partners for the first two years of its operation. After two partners withdraw for the project the major shareholders Vasilakis Theogenis and Chatzivourkoglou Georgios continued successfully until 2006 where Mr. Chatzivourkoglou passed away in 2006. Two years later, in 2008 Mr. Vasilakis Theogenis bought the shares from his heirs and is today the sole shareholder of the firm.

Makedonian Shipyards is a family business with more than 25 years of experience in the ship building files and over 50 years of personal experience of the founder of the firm, Mr. Vasilaki Theogeni, as he has been working in one of the greatest shipyards of Northern Greece from the age of 18, as a foreman-manager.

The MACEDONIA SHIPPING has been recognized internationally in a very difficult and demanding industry such as shipbuilding, after many years of hard and creative work, with well trained and trained staff, able to cope with every small or big project, achieving the best possible result.

It is not a coincidence that throughout the years, our customers – ship owners – constantly choose trust us for the construction of their new ships, and this for us is our biggest success, building a stable, long-lasting, both professional and personal relationships with our customers, and this is the best satisfaction we get when completing each project.


Stamatiou Group

The Stamatiou Group of Companies was founded in 1974 in Athens by Christos Stamatiou. The primary field of expertise was the marketing and distribution of plumbing components, mainly plastic. In 1984 begin to engage in aquaculture, producing all the related equipment and implementing integrated projects in 22 countries worldwide.

Since 2012, the Stamatiou Group has begun working with our Shipyard to design and manufacture boats and barges for aquaculture.

Over the last 5 years, in collaboration with the Stamatious Group, we have built some 10 steel craft vessels in the Mediterranean, Red Sea, Persian Gulf and the Black Sea. They are built from 12m to 80m long, with 50kWh generators, dual motors, bedrooms, wide loading area and much more. Beyond the boats, our cooperative team has designed and built automatic feed barges in cooperation with SteinsvikNorway, as their official representative in the Mediterranean region is the Stamatiou Group of companies.

The shipyard